Saturday, November 06, 2010

Prevent Concurrent Requests executing post rapid clone

1. Edit the $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin/

2. Go to the end of the file

3. Change the following lines:-

print "\n Starting application Services for $s_dbSid:\n";
print "Running:\n";
print(" $s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/\n");
system("$s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/$PWD");


print "\nNOT Starting application Services for $s_dbSid:\n";
#print "Running:\n";
#print(" $s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/\n");
#system("$s_com/admin/scripts/$s_contextname/adstrtal.$ext $s_apps_user/$PWD");

4. Run "perl appsTier" as normal.

The services will not start Automatically when the clone completes allowing data to be changed safely.

Sukhwinder Singh.


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