Saturday, November 06, 2010

Determine the Products Installed and Patchset level in EBS

There are are several ways to find out which products are installed, shared or inactive. Please use any of the options listed below.

1. Run Licence Manager

2. Run the following script in Sqlplus as apps user:
cd $AD_TOP/sql/adutconf.sql
Sqlplus> @adutconf.sql
This creates a text file adutconf.lst in the current working directory.

3. Run the following query in Sqlplus as apps user:
select a.application_short_name,a.APPLICATION_NAME,decode(fpi.status,'I','Installed','S','Shared','N','Inactive',fpi.status) status
from apps.fnd_application_vl a, apps.fnd_product_installations fpi where
fpi.application_id = a.application_id and
fpi.status in ('I','S')
order by 3,1

where Status:
I = Installed
S = Shared
N = Not Installed

4. Run to determine the current family pack level and patchset level, get from

Sukhwinder Singh


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