Friday, November 26, 2010

Enable/Disable the Forms Listener Servlet 11i

There are three methods than can be used to enable or disable the Forms Listener Servlet.

OAM Configuration Wizards.
Requires OAM 2.2 or higher (OAM G)
 -OAM Site Map -> AutoConfig -> Configuration Wizards -> Forms Listener Servlet
 --Choose the Enable or Disable button

OAM Context Editor
 -OAM Site Map -> AutoConfig -> Edit Parameters (of required Applications Tier Context file)
 --Go to the System Tab
 --Expand the oa_web_server  node
 --Modify the following two variables
 --Forms Servlet URL  (s_forms_servlet_serverurl)
 ---to enable set to /forms/formservlet
 ---to disable set to blank
 ----Forms Servlet Comment  (s_forms_servlet_comment)
 ----to enable set to blank
 ----to disable set to #

Edit the context file ($APPL_TOP/admin/< contextname>.xml)
-Locate the following two variables:
 -< server_url oa_var="s_forms_servlet_serverurl" >
 --to enable set to /forms/formservlet
 --eg: < server_url oa_var="s_forms_servlet_serverurl"> /forms/formservlet
 --to disable set to blank
 --eg: < server_url oa_var="s_forms_servlet_serverurl"/ >
 --< servlet_comment oa_var="s_forms_servlet_comment" >
 ---to enable set to blank
 ---eg: < servlet_comment oa_var="s_forms_servlet_comment"/ >
 ---to disable set to #
 ---eg: < servlet_comment oa_var="s_forms_servlet_comment" > #
If you are migrating from Forms Listener and using Forms Metric Server load balancing the context variable, Metrics Server Load Balancing Host (s_leastloadedhost) will contain a value %LeastLoadedHost%. This must be changed to the Forms Server Host (s_formshost) value. This change is required even if using the Configuration Wizard.

OAM Context Editor navigation paths to these variables under the System Tab:

Metrics Server Load Balancing Host (s_leastloadedhost)
 -Forms Server Host (s_formshost)

Sukhwinder Singh


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