Saturday, November 06, 2010

Merging multiple patches into one integrated patch in oracle apps?

1. Review the readme files carefully.
The patch may also require manual steps.

2. Create directories.
In the patch top area, create a source directory and a destination directory. Choose any name for these directories.

3. Unzip patches.
Copy all the patches to be merged into the source directory and unzip them.

4. Run AD Merge Patch. (admrgpch)
Run AD Merge Patch and supply the arguments for the destination directory name and the source directory name. You also need to specify the merged patch name, or accept the default.

eg: admrgpch [source_directory] [destination_directory]
admrgpch -s [source_directory] -d [destination_directory] [-merge_name [pattern]]

5. Check AD Merge Patch log files.
After AD Merge Patch runs, check the admrgpch.log file for errors. The file is located in the current working directory (where AD Merge Patch was run).

6. Run the merged patch.
Once a merged patch is created, apply it just like a single patch.

Sukhwinder Singh


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