Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Restoring the previous configuration in EBS R12

Run OAM AutoConfig to restore the Applications Context: -
Step 1: Log on to the Oracle Application Manager (OAM) & click site map. You will be
able to log on but some services will be down.

Step 2: Click AutoConfig from the list of System Configuration features in the
Administration tab.

Step 3 : Click the Show History button for the application tier context file to access the
Context File History page.

Step 4: Click the Show Differences from Current Configuration button to see the recently
updated parameters & Select Restore Previous Value for the Web Port and Discoverer
Port parameters.

Step 5:
Save & respond the tabs. Log out of OAM.

Step 6: Shut down all services:
$ APPS/<APPS password>

Step 7 : Run the AutoConfig script, & Respond to the prompts.

Step 8 : View the log file and check for any errors.

Step 9 : Restart all services:

Step 10 :Log on to the Oracle Application Manager (OAM)
If the status of some services appears to be down, click the Refresh icon to update the
Sukhwinder Singh

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