Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Display Time/Date During RMAN Operations

To get time / date displayed during an RMAN operation the OS command (date)
should be used.

To display a timestamp in the RMAN log, run something similar to the following -

RMAN >run{
allocate channel a1 type disk
HOST 'date';
release channel a1;
Output looks like -

RMAN-03022: compiling command: host

Mon Jun 20 16:31:06 IST 2011
RMAN-06134: host command complete

If you want the Time or Date to be recorded in a file you can use the following

RMAN> run{
host 'echo Backup stored in logfile (logrman.txt) taken on ->/tmp/rmandate.
host 'date>>/tmp/rmandate.log';

This will produce a file that has -

Backup stored in logfile (logrman.txt) taken on -

Tue Jun 21 16:49:51 IST 2011

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