Friday, June 17, 2011

How to license a new product through OAM

Here's how you can license a new product through OAM:

1. Login to OAM
2. Click on Site Map (The link near Applications Dashboard link)
3. Click on License Manager
4. Under License heading, click Products
5. Click on blue plus icon of More options
6. Click on the radio button: License Applications Product
7. Click on continue button
8. You'll get a list of all the individual products
9. Check the box on the left of the product you want to license
10. Click on Next button
11. Click on Submit button
12. You'll get a message: Sucessfully licensed the selected product(s). Click OK

That's it you are done. You may regenerate all the forms of the newly licensed product just to make sure.

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Sukhwinder Singh

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