Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Java Color Scheme (POV) change after a clone

select  fu2.user_id,fpo.profile_option_name pon
,fpot.user_profile_option_name upon
,fu2.user_name lov,fpov.profile_option_value pov
from fnd_profile_options_tl fpot ,fnd_profile_options fpo
,fnd_profile_option_values fpov ,fnd_user fu ,fnd_user fu2
where  fpot.user_profile_option_name = 'Java Color Scheme'
and fpot.profile_option_name = fpo.profile_option_name
and fpo.profile_option_id = fpov.profile_option_id
and fpo.created_by = fu.user_id
and fpov.level_id = 10001  /* site (10004=user, 10001=site, 10002=Appl, 10003=Resp) */
and fpov.level_value = fu2.user_id
and fpot.language = Userenv('Lang');

Sukhwinder Singh

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