Thursday, May 05, 2011

How To Delete Duplicate Customers

Add Following Three Responsibilities in the User Id: -
1.     Account Receivables
2.     Trading Community Manager
3.     Oracle Customer Data Librarian Superuser

 Run following concurrent programs in responsibility 'Trading Community Manager' : -
1) DQM Compile All Rules
2) DQM Staging Program:  with option Stage_all_data

Now Following are the steps to make party as “Inactive” : -

1. Login into any environment using Receivables, and Customers Standard Form.
2. Search for any “Active” Organization Party, and note down the Registry Id/Party Number.
3. Change the responsibility to Customers Online Data Librarian Super user -> Data Quality -> Party Maintenance tab.
4. Enter the Registry Id in “Registry Id” field that was noted in step 2 and click “Go”.
5. In search results table, “Status” drop down column will display with current status of the party
(as per step 2, it should be “Active”).
6. Change the status drop down to “Inactive” and click “Save”.
7. Now Change the responsibility to Receivables… and Customers Standard Form.
8. Search for “Active” Organization that was searched in step 2. It will not show any records.
9. Again do the same search with “Inactive” as status. In this case it will show the record that was searched in step 2.

Sukhwinder Singh

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