Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oracle Database Security Checklist

For a production Database, must need to check the following points for
better security
: -

1. Protecting the database environment.
2. Install only what is required.
3. Lock and expire default user accounts.
4. Changing default user passwords.
5. Change passwords for administrative accounts.
6. Change default passwords for all users.
7. Enforce password management.
8. Secure batch jobs.
9. Manage access to SYSDBA and SYSOPER roles.
10. Enable Oracle data dictionary protection.
11. Follow the principle of least privilege.
12. Public privileges.
13. Restrict permissions on run-time facilities.
14. Authenticate clients.
15. Restrict operating system access.
16. Secure the Oracle listener.
17. Secure external procedures.
18. Prevent runtime changes to listener.
19. Checking network IP addresses.
20. Harden the operating system.
21. Encrypt network traffic.
22. Apply all security patches.
23. Report security issues to Oracle.

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