Friday, April 01, 2011

Merge Patches Using admrgpch

You can merge multiple patches into a single patch by using AD Merge Patch.
This AD utility is an executable located in AD_TOP/bin that merges multiple
AutoPatch compatible patches into a single, integrated patch. Once the merge is
complete, you use AutoPatch to apply the resulting patch in a single operation.
Using a merged patch reduces the time it takes to complete the patching process.
The command for merging patches is admrgpch.

AD Merge Patch reads the c.drv, d.drv, and g.drv

for each patch in the source directory and merges them to create a single set
of driver files (for example, cmerge99.drv, dmerge99.drv, and gmerge99.drv) in
the destination directory. It also merges the set of files contained in the
individual patches under the source directory according to file revision and
copies them to the destination directory. If a file exists in more than one
source patch, only the highest revision of the file is copied to the
destination directory.

Complete these steps:

1. Review the readme files carefully.
Some patch readme files contain special instructions for applying merged
patches. The patch may also require manual steps.

2. Create directories.
In the patch top area, create a source directory and a destination directory.
Choose any name for these directories.

3. Unzip patches.
Copy all the patches to be merged into the source directory and unzip them.

4. Run AD Merge Patch.
Run AD Merge Patch and supply the arguments for the destination directory
name and the source directory name. You also need to specify the merged patch
name, or accept the default.

5. Check AD Merge Patch log files.
After AD Merge Patch runs, check the admrgpch.log file for errors. The file
is located in the current working directory (where AD Merge Patch was run).

6. Run the merged patch.
Once a merged patch is created, apply it just like a single patch.
AD Merge Patch cannot merge patches of different releases, different parallel
modes, or different platforms. However, it can merge patches for a specific
platform with a generic patch, or patches with different source character sets.
AD Merge Patch notifies you if you try to merge incompatible patches.

Sukhwinder Singh

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