Wednesday, March 02, 2011

To Change Oracle Logo in Forms

How to Change Standard Oracle Logo in R12 Forms?

Many times there will be request from client to change standard oracle logo in forms. You can change this logo by following below steps:
1.- Open the file $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/appsweb.cfg
2.- Check the baseHTML and baseHTMLJInitiator variables inside the file. They point to theappsbase.htm file used in the forms (ussually is the same file for both)
3.- Open the file(s) pointed by those variables
4.- Go to the “// Forms Applet Parameters” section related to the client browser you use
5.- Check if there’s a line that references to “PARAM”. An example of how that line mustbe for Internet Explorer is:
IEhtml += ‘<’ + ‘PARAM value=”‘ + xlogo + ‘”>’;
add or change that line according to what you have and what you want.
6.- Go to the “// Oracle Applications default Parameters” section in the same file
7.- Add or edit the definition of xlogo variable. It must be:var xlogo = “%logo%”
8.- Save the file(s)
9.- Locate the variable “logo” in $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/appsweb.cfg file at the “;Forms Server Information: servlet, port, machine name and domain” section. If it’s not there thenyou can create the line. The variable must point to the .gif file you want to add on the forms.You must put the .gif file in
and $OA_JAVA paths and point the “logo”variable to your file with:logo=
10.- Bounce Forms and Apache servers for the changes to take effect11.- Open a new browser window on your client desktop and test the forms.

Sukhwinder Singh 

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