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To change an Oracle password temporarily

In Oracle it is possible to change a password temporarily. This can be useful for DBA which act as a different user.

SQL> select username,password from dba_users where username='GEORGE';

---------------- ----------------
GEORGE        F894844C34402B67

SQL> alter user george identified by welcome123;

Now login with the following credentials: george/welcome(old passwd)
After doing your work you can change the password back by using an undocumented feature called "by values"

SQL> alter user george identified by values 'F894844C34402B67';

To verify OATM Migration

select migration_status,error_text from FND_TS_MIG_CMDS where migration_status ='ERROR'

select * from all_objects where object_name like 'FND_TS%' and object_type='TABLE'
select * from FND_TS_MIG_STATUS
select * from FND_TS_SIZING
select IS_NEW_TS_MODE from fnd_product_groups (o/p should be “Y”);

To get workflow using WFLOAD

WFLOAD apps/W1tty 0 Y DOWNLOAD <<(d/w file)I2PATCARD_prd.wft>> <<(original file) PATCARD>>

Display status of all the Concurrent Managers

 Select distinct Concurrent_Process_Id CpId, PID Opid,
      Os_Process_ID Osid,
      Q.Concurrent_Queue_Name Manager,
      P.process_status_code Status,
      To_Char(P.Process_Start_Date, 'MM-DD-YYYY HH:MI:SSAM') Started_At
      from  Fnd_Concurrent_Processes P,
      Fnd_Concurrent_Queues Q, FND_V$Process
      where  Q.Application_Id = Queue_Application_ID
      And (Q.Concurrent_Queue_ID = P.Concurrent_Queue_ID)
      b( Spid = Os_Process_ID )
      And  Process_Status_Code not in ('K','S')
      Order by Concurrent_Process_ID, Os_Process_Id, Q.Concurrent_Queue_Name ;

Backup Verification Steps: -

select count(*) from v$recover_file;

select count(*) from v$recovery_log;

select count(*) from v$recovery_status;

select count(*) from v$recovery_file_status;

select name,status from v$datafile where (name like '%MISS%' or status not in ('ONLINE', 'SYSTEM'));

select count(*) from v$backup where status != 'NOT ACTIVE' ;

Select distinct checkpoint_change# from v$datafile  ;

select distinct to_char(CHECKPOINT_TIME,'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') from v$datafile_header;


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