Friday, October 29, 2010

Register Customised Reports in Oracle EBS

Process of registering a Custom report with Apps....

1.   Login to the System Administrator responsibility.

2.   Navigate to: 
 Concurrent > Program > Executable

3.   Fill out the form similar to the following:

Executable: CUSTOM  
Short Name: CUSTOM
Application: Application Object Library
Description: My Custom Program
Execution Method: Oracle Reports
Execution File Name: CUSTOM

4.   Save

5.   Navigate to: 
Concurrent > Program > Define

6.   Fill out the form similar to the following:
Program:                My Custom Report
 Short Name:          CUSTOM
Application:            Application Object Library
Description:            My custom report
Name:                    CUSTOM
Method:                 Oracle Reports
Use in SRS
Restart on System Failure
Format:                  Text
Columns:               132
Rows:                    45
Style:                     Landscape

7.   Save

8.   Locate the Request Group name.
a. Login to Sysadmin responsibility.
b. Navigate to Security > Responsibility > Define
c. Query up Responsibility.
d. Request group is located in Request Group > Name frame.

9.   Navigate to
Security > Responsibility > Request

10.   Query up the group of the responsibility that will run the report.

11.   Add the report under the “Requests” frame as a Program; the report can queried using the Query> Find menu option or by clicking the Flashlight button on the Toolbar.

12.   The report can now be run via the responsibility associated with the request group.

Sukhwinder Singh


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