Thursday, February 02, 2012

How to run the AD Controller..

AD Controller is used to monitor/ control the workers execution. 

Here are the AD Controller actions which can be done by AD Controller:

After source the APPS tier, run the adctl in another window. An adadmin, adpatch or AutoUpgrade session must be running.  

[oracle@APPS ~]$ . /APPS/visappl/APPSORA.env
[oracle@APPS ~]$ adctrl

Copyright (c) 2002 Oracle Corporation
Redwood Shores, California, USA

AD Controller

Version 11.5.0

NOTE: You may not use this utility for custom development
unless you have written permission from Oracle Corporation.

Attention: AD Controller no longer checks for unapplied pre-requisite patches.
You must use OAM Patch Wizard for this feature. Alternatively, you can
review the README for pre-requisite information.

Your default directory is '/APPS/visappl'.
Is this the correct APPL_TOP [Yes] ?

AD Controller records your AD Controller session in a text file
you specify. Enter your AD Controller log file name or press [Return]
to accept the default file name shown in brackets.

Filename [adctrl.log] :

************* Start of AD Controller session *************
AD Controller version: 
AD Controller started at:
APPL_TOP is set to /APPS/visappl

Reading product information from file...

Reading language and territory information from file...

Reading language information from applUS.txt ...

Enter the ORACLE username of Application Object Library [APPLSYS] :

Enter the ORACLE password of Application Object Library [APPS] :

AD Controller is verifying your username/password.
The status of various features in this run of AD Controller is:

                                                                  <-Feature version in->   
Feature                               Active?    APPLTOP   Data model   Flags
------------------------------      -------        --------        -----------       ----------------------
CHECKFILE                         Yes           1                1                   Y N N Y N Y
PREREQ                               Yes           6                6                   Y N N Y N Y
CONCURRENT_SESSIONS No            2                 2                   Y Y N Y Y N
PATCH_TIMING                  Yes          2                 2                   Y N N Y N Y
PATCH_HIST_IN_DB           Yes          6                6                   Y N N Y N Y
SCHEMA_SWAP                   Yes         1                 1                    Y N N Y Y Y

Sukhwinder Singh
Apps DBA

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