Monday, December 06, 2010

Oracle Apps R12 - Backup using Rapid Clone

Database Instance Pre Clone Script
[root@testerp ~]# su - oradev
[oradev@testerp /]$ cd /d03/oracle/DEV_NEW/db/tech_st/11.1.0/appsutil/scripts/DEV_testerp/
[oradev@testerp DEV_testerp]$ ./ dbTier

Application Pre Clone Script
[root@testerp ~]# su - appldev
[appldev@testerp /]$ cd $INST_TOP
[appldev@testerp DEV_testerp]$ cd admin/scripts/
[appldev@testerp scripts]$ ./ appsTier

Stop Application
[appldev@testerp /]# ./ apps/apps

Stop Listener
[oradev@testerp DEV_testerp]$ lsnrctl stop $ORACLE_SID

Stop Database Instance
[oradev@testerp DEV_testerp]$ sqlplus "/as sysdba"
SQL> shu immediate
SQL> exit

[root@testerp ~]# df -h       (To check Used & Free Space)[appldev@testerp 
[root@testerp ]# du -ch|grep total       -- total size of a folder
scripts]$ echo $APPL_TOP
[appldev@testerp scripts]$ cd /d03
[appldev@testerp d03]$ ls -ltr

Create Directory / Folder for Backup Files : -
[root@testerp dev_bkps]# mkdir dec06_2010/
[root@testerp dev_bkps]# chmod -& R 777 dec06_2010/
[root@testerp dec06_2010]$ ls -ltr

[root@testerp dec06_2010]$ mkdir appltest/
[root@testerp dec06_2010]$ mkdir oratest/
[root@testerp dec06_2010]$ mkdir inst/

Start Backup : -
[root@testerp]# cd /d03/dev_bkps/dec06_2010/

Application Backup
tar -zcvf tech_st.tar.Z /d03/oracle/DEV_NEW/apps/tech_st
tar -zcvf apps_st.tar.Z /d03/oracle/DEV_NEW/apps/apps_st

Database Instance Backup
tar -zcvf tech_st.tar.Z /d03/oracle/DEV_NEW/db/tech_st
tar -zcvf apps_st.tar.Z /d03/oracle/DEV_NEW/db/apps_st

Inst Backup
tar -zcvf inst.tar.Z /d03/oracle/DEV_NEW/inst

Sukhwinder Singh

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